The Patton Group – Wood

Authentic European Oak is a unique flooring option.  Due to the climate and soil content, the tannins are much more vibrant.  These vibrant tannins react differently to the bevy of dye’s, stains and fuming technics that are used to create hardwood fashion and also are why European Oak is exclusively used for aging wine.

From the mill, the European Oak lumber is sawn differently to provide you with vertical grain down the edges of the planks, almost completely sap free, to join with the beautiful cathedral grains from the center.  Having an entire floor sawn the same way provides a unique looking floor as opposed to wood which is comprised of all different grain structures and the lack of sap wood allows for a more consistent color when fuming or staining the wood.

The Patton Group – CMWC

Our objective in the TPG series is to search for and find wood flooring products that offer a unique visual, with a price point as well as durability that will meet the demands of our clients.

CMWC reclaimed woods are manufactured in solid and engineered wood floorboards. Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains, from which location we are able to specialize in custom hardwood flooring and FSC certified reclaimed woods.